The Patoranking Foundation Tech Scholarship creates access to essential tech skills and a life-changing internship opportunity with one of the world’s top tech companies.


Tech Empowers the Creative Talents in Africa


About the Patoranking Foundation Tech Scholarship

40 learners will receive the Patoranking Foundation Tech Scholarship, offering them a transformative career opportunity. 

Successful candidates will receive a scholarship from the Patoranking Foundation to cover all administrative fees associated with their ALX tech training programme. After completing the programme, these learners will also receive the opportunity for a paid internship with one of the world’s top tech companies.

This scholarship provides ALX learners with the opportunity to learn essential tech skills and then apply them in a work setting. Together, ALX and Patoranking seek to nurture creative tech skills for a better future.

To be considered for the Patoranking Foundation Tech Scholarship, applicants must first apply and be accepted into an ALX tech programme.


How to Complete Your Patoranking Foundation Tech Scholarship Application


Apply to any ALX tech programme

Applicants must apply through the standard ALX Selection process and have been successfully accepted into a tech programme to be eligible to apply for the Patoranking Foundation Tech Scholarship.


Enrol into your ALX programme

Once accepted complete the steps to enroll into your ALX tech programme. You can now apply for the scholarship and internship opportunity. Visit the application page on this site and follow the steps outlined. 


Submit your application to the Patoranking Foundation by 2 July 2024

You will then be required to submit your application to be considered for the internship and scholarship. Your application must include a high-res photo of yourself, a personal statement, and a motivational video supporting your statement. Applications must be submitted by midnight EAT on the 2nd of July 2024.


Wait to receive your decision

Check your email! You will receive a decision on whether or not you successfully landed the scholarship before the 15th of July 2024. Scholarship recipients will have the admin fee for their tech programme covered and have the opportunity to qualify for an internship at the end of their tech programme. If you did not receive an acceptance for the scholarship you will still be able to participate in your programme with ALX.

*ALX tech programmes carry an  administration fee. The first installment of this fee is due upon successful completion of your 8 week Professional Foundations module and prior to progressing to your chosen tech specialisation.